Unified Data Center

New Unified Data Center Technology

The new, energy efficient and streamlined data center technology is lead by Cisco’s Unified Data Center Unified Computing Implementation. We see Enterprises demanding higher standards of energy efficiency, data agility, and server virtualization. With these goals in mind, industry leaders such as Cisco developed the Unified Data Center Fabric technology. When companies implement a Unified Data Center approach they benefit from simplified data structures and reduced energy consumption. They benefit from being able to work at a new level of data communication with enhanced business continuity. As a result, these clients have seen tangible improvement in how they are able to use technology to accomplish their objectives.

Unified Data Center vs. Legacy Technology

Because systems and technology tend to “evolve”, today’s data networks are built on yesterday’s legacy technology. As a result, many organizations have vast amounts of cables, unused data space, and a confusing systems management picture. Fortunately, current trends towards server virtualization technology are creating opportunities for more efficient computing environments. The Unified Data Center allows virtual convergence of data storage servers, networking, and input/output into one cohesive infrastructure. This unification makes all parts of your technology aware of the other parts while minimizing data cabling.

A Unified Data Center has many benefits:

  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Improving security
  • Better staff efficiency
  • Lowers costs
  • Increases IT agility
  • Facilitates business continuity

Enterprise US has implemented unified data center technology from industry leaders like Cisco, HP, Dell, and IBM, and can isolate the systems that are right for your organization!

How will Cisco’s Unified Fabric Architecture (UFA) affect business?

The Unified Fabric Architecture completely transforms the data infrastructure, requiring hardware replacement and an initial cost. However, Cisco UFA can transform the way a business functions. This is done by increasing flexibility within the virtual data center environment and eliminating boundaries between technologies. You may realize great benefits due to a Unified Data Center implementation. These include reductions in the total cost of ownership and increased staff efficiency. Furthermore, like server virtualization, the Data Center Unified Computing Implementation (DCUCI) yields these benefits:

  • Increases uptime
  • Eliminates bulky machinery
  • Allows for high availability of your data

While complete adoption of a Unified Data Center architecture may not be right for everyone, pieces of it may be. This is because there may be benefits to implement portions of the architecture in depending on your data infrastructure technology. Enterprise to mid-size businesses will surely be affected by the shift to the Unified Data Center. In some cases, this Unified Fabric infrastructure may be a benefit for smaller businesses.

Enterprise US are DCUCI Experts

As early adopters of the Data Center Unified Computing Implementation, we have personally experienced the benefits. As a result, our clients look to eUS for a vision of how to meet these critical data infrastructure needs in the most effective ways. We have implemented unified data center technology from industry leaders like Cisco, HP, Dell, and IBM. That is because these companies are the major forces behind the shift towards the Unified Computing solutions. Our 20 year history of experience gives us the ability to isolate the systems that are right for your enterprise. We find and implement an appropriate vendor’s solution. As a result, you don’t have to worry about extensive research on data center technology competitors and offers. Many testimonials are available here. Let us do that for you! Contact Enterprise US today to hear more about a Unified Data Center Implementation.