Data Governance & Compliance

Data Governance & Compliance

The tools we provide our clients enable the protections and transactional file / data visibility called for by cybersecurity and industry standards.

  • Locate sensitive content in cloud or on-premise data sources.
  • Automated monitoring of your data and who has permission to the sensitive content.
  • Put limits on sensitive content share parameters.
  • Be notified if a user does unusual downloads. Often a sign of someone who is about to resign.
  • Be sure files are shared in a way that creates an audit trail and is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • Content lifecycle management tools.

Our data governance tools are a single control model for content collaboration, allowing users to collaborate across apps and roles. You can use them to address concerns around content leakage by providing governance and compliance features, to satisfy requirements like GDPR, FINRA, or HIPAA. Unlike our competitors, our data governance tools offer a single source of truth, eliminating the need for fragmented systems. Our governance tools provide a central enterprise repository, where files are owned by the organization and accessed based on permissions. When you use our data governance tools, all internal and external users are under your control, and you maintain control over the actions they can take on your data. 

When you use our data governance tools, you don’t have to constantly redesign your content architecture to fit new and complex permissions. Our cloud-based solution allows for centralized IT administration of files, folders, and permissions, with users accessing data through various channels such as mapped drives, web, mobile devices, and integrations with MS Office and other applications. For hybrid deployments, we offer the option to deploy Storage Sync to remote sites for local file access, saving bandwidth and allowing for LAN access to files.

Unusual File Activity

Do you know when someone is copying an unusually large number of files… perhaps before they resign? We can arm you with tools that can help you know that someone is doing that kind of thing so it can be investigated. Do you know if there are people on your network who have rights to information they should not? Is your proprietary information accessible to just those who need access to do their job? Data classification and the associated security controls to enforce it are critical to a modern security regimen. We can help you with the tools to manage these types of situations.

Right To be Forgotten

EUS can provide you tools to keep your data secure and to aid in compliance with laws, regulations, and standards, including the right to be forgotten under CCPA and GDPR. CCPA, GDPR etc.

Many bodies of law, both domestic and foreign, now exist that give individuals the right to demand to either be forgotten by the organization or at least have all of the information in their possession be documented. These requests have statutory time limits for response and can, without the proper tools, cost a lot of hours to dig up this data. Failure to comply has fines and penalties that can be imposed.

If someone sends you a right to be forgotten request under CCPA or GDPR, how will you find all of the information that your organization has on a given person? How much time and money will each request take? We can provide you with tools to handle this situation to quickly and easily find requested information in your systems.