Privacy Policy is a sales and marketing web site to promote the services and products offered by Enterprise Unified Solutions (EUS). These include consulting for technology and compliance issues as well as technology implementation of networking, telephony, and cyber-security solutions.

EUS captures minimal personal information and no sensitive personal information on this web site. If you complete a form, the info submitted on the form, such as name, company or organization and the company or organization contact data, is only used for contacting you regarding the inquiry you have made. Any hyper text links to other sites are maintained by outside parties and are only provided as a courtesy to our visitors.

EUS does have publicly available data about the IP addresses of visitors to the web site but does not sell or otherwise distribute that information. EUS also may get data from social media companies you use to contact EUS. Again, no outside transactions occur involving this data.

We will only use the information you provide in a form to contact you regarding your inquiry or to facilitate business between EUS and your organization. Other information may be required from you and your company or organization to conduct business. Any such information will be communicated in ways that protect the privacy of that information including encryption in transit and at rest. This information would only be to facilitate fulfillment of the transactions between EUS and your company or organization. The subsequent handling of that information will be done on a minimal rights basis meaning that only those who must see the information to “do the work” will have access to it. The records created by conducting business between EUS and your organization may be kept for substantial periods of time to facilitate document retention requirements.

EUS takes securing your organization’s data and information very seriously. We follow cybersecurity best practices as the most demanding compliance standards require. We choose vendors and suppliers who follow high security standards. However, even using best practices cannot guarantee that no breeches or data leaks occur.