IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services Start With Discovery

Enterprise US offers IT consulting services that begin with a thorough analysis of a company’s challenges. The focus is on data management issues, including information technology, sensitive data work flows, data and email security, and business continuity. The business continuity services assess risks and threats to a company’s data and operations. From there we develop a plan of precautionary physical steps, policies, and procedures to address business contingency operation needs.

Business Continuity

Enterprise US technology consulting services can help your company or organization to assess the risks and threats that your data. Our analysis will cover  all aspects from communications and applications to operations. In addition, we will develop a tangible plan of improvement of fault tolerance including network, power infrastructure, data backup systems etc. Furthermore, we will consider policies and procedures to address your business contingency operation needs. Read more about Business Continuity Planning here.

Managed IT Services

Enterprise US has extensive experience in many challenging environments. These include providing managed IT services for data networking, email, voice communications, collaboration tools and other applications. As a result, we can consult your organization on the best ways to deploy existing IT and technical resources. Beyond that, we can implement any newer tools or approaches that make sense.  Read more about Managed IT Services here.

Email Security

One email or data security vulnerability that is exploited can be costly to your business or organization in many ways. Our consulting services on email and data-networking security can help correct bad practices and weak spots in your security regimen.

Read more about email security consulting here.

With every consulting service that we offer, you can expect attentive engagement by knowledgeable staff. Our business continuity, email and networking security consulting is driven by a philosophy that gives you exactly what you are looking for.

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