Compliance Services & Consulting

We Offer Many Powerful Tools to Aid in Compliance

eUS offers several services related to assessing compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, CMMC, NIST 800-171, SOC2, FedRAMP, and more. Then we can assist you in developing the policies, procedures, logs, and documentation that are required for compliance those standards. We can help you find and secure the PII (personally identifiable information), CHD (Card holder data) as well as HIPPA, SOX, and other sensitive data that is governed by these laws and standards.

eUS assessment and reporting provides a comprehensive picture of your company or organization’s security measures. Our process covers technology including firewall configurations, server technology, and asset life cycle analysis as well as a review of documentation of policy and procedures. We address topics such as default passwords, storage methods for sensitive information, and encryption for data transmission.

Compliance standards emphasize the need for restricted access and often encryption of data. Keeping equipment and software updated, along with the importance of documenting incidents and providing security training are all required by major standards. Our assessment process will help you discover this important information so you may take corrective action where needed.

We’ll take you through social engineering, prioritized remediation, and next steps for improving security. We emphasize the need for a secure infrastructure and adherence to industry standards.

We can assist you in mitigating deficiencies that an assessment may point out. We can then further assist you with ongoing compliance services to maintain the records, conduct required reviews, respond to and document incidents, and other work required for compliance.

Cyber Security Insurance

Insurance companies have “due care” clauses in the cyber security insurance contracts that require proof of adherence to a security standard like ISO/IEC 27001, the NIST CSF and so on. If you have cyber security insurance, let us help you to see how likely it is you would be paid if you had a claim. We can conduct a cyber security insurance audit against the specific standards of many leading providers of this insurance. If there are areas that need improvement, we can assist you with the necessary mitigation.