Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability mission statement:

We support and have policies for recycling and re-use of all suitable materials and devices.  
We will recycle or re-purpose any retired systems or devices in an environmentally safe method. 
We are committed to protecting people and the environment.

We will practice efficient use of natural resources by incorporating new energy efficient technology into our business. This includes areas like emergency power generation, computing technology, lighting and personnel transport.

Wherever possible, we minimize consumption of electricity and use of paper. This is done by using energy efficient bulbs and only turning lights on when needed. To reduce the need for printing we use electronic transmission of documents and invoices.  
We employ remote meeting technology to minimize the need to travel by air or car.

Corporate Social Responsibility policy:

We are committed to all people being treated with respect and in a kind and professional manner and that by doing this, we are fulfilling the Golden Rule. 
We support efforts to eliminate child and slave labor in the supply chain for production of batteries.

Enterprise Unified Solutions Environmental Sustainability goals

  • Goal #1 is a 20 % reduction in vehicle travel GHG emissions by 2026.
  • Goal 2# is 100% elimination of food waste and VOC disposal in the office Wastewater Stream by 2025.